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Lake District, Keswick 2012-01-15 Sunset The Mitchells headed up to Keswick for the day to meet up with the Slaters. It was very 'dold' and 'dindy' as Tom put it. After about an hour Tom wanted to go home as he said it was too cold. Zoe and Tom headed over to the shelter of the boats whilst me, Dan, Mark and Nicky stayed on the field by the lake throwing the ball for Jussi.

After warming up for lunch and a look around Kewswick Mark and I headed down to the lake as the sunset looked very promising. It was then I realised my filters were in my bag, which was nice and warm in Costa with Zoe. D'oh!

I did a few HDR shots and then Mark lent me his filters so I did get a couple of shots that I was happy with using his filters. It ended with a nice and very welcome Gingerbread Latte.

A great day out! The Mitchells headed up to Keswick for the day to meet up with the Slaters. It was very 'dold' and 'dindy' as Tom put it. After about an hour Tom wanted to go home as he said it was too cold. Zoe and Tom headed over to the shelter of the boats whilst me, Dan, Mark and Nicky stayed on the field by the lake throwing the ball for Jussi.

After warming up for lunch and a look around Kewswick Mark and I headed down to the lake as the sunset looked very promising. It was then I realised my filters were in my bag, which was nice and warm in Costa with Zoe. D'oh!

I did a few HDR shots and then Mark lent me his filters so I did get a couple of shots that I was happy with using his filters. It ended with a nice and very welcome Gingerbread Latte.

A great day out!

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Manchester, Salford Quays 2012-01-07 Sunrise First outing of 2012 and it was a lazy one over to Salford Quays.

It was cold, too cloudy and windy. Before sunrise was due we had a mooch around Media City and across the 'new' bridge near the Imperial War Museum. Took a couple of shots from the bridge as it offered a nice view back towards the Lowry.

The sunrise itself came and went without much of a bang, but the clouds did break and gave Mark and I some nice light for a short time. Not the best morning, but it was nice to be out!

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Lake District, Keswick 2011-11-05 Sunrise After not being out for nearly 4 months and not been up to the lakes for a while I mentioned to Mark that I fancied going to Buttermere for a few autumn shots. Mark was up for this as his dog Jussi was now ok in the car for an hour or so.

We decided on the 05/11. The day after my birthday. I try to get out to take some photo's on my birthday every year, but it didn't happen in 2011 so I was glad to have arranged a trip out the following day!

The forecast was for it to be partly cloudy, however on the way up there was nothing but clear skies. Bugger!

Due to the sky being so clear we decided on going to Keswick to let Jussi have a good run around and take what we could get. As we got really close to Keswick in was thick with mist. Better than clear skies! I loved the way the mist gave the place a really different atmospheric feel and it felt good to have the place to ourselves too. We were there about an hour before sunrise which gave us time to have a look around for various viewpoints to see what might work in the mist, when the sun hit the mist and as the mist started to be burnt away. Mark went to one end and I stayed around the larger boats & jetties for some pre sunrise shots and to see what would work in well in the thick mist.

Around the time of sunrise the place just got lighter with the sun fighting through the thick mist which created some lovely effects through it. As you could start to see further across the lake I moved towards the old jetty posts sticking out of the water and then on to the concrete jetty where the boat house is.

As the mist cleared further still, you could see there were some lovely cloud patterns that had blown in to add interest to the sky as the mist cleared. Around 15 minutes after the time of sunrise the lazy photographers arrived having missed the best of the atmospheric conditions in my opinion. Again, proving that getting to a location nice and early reaps it's own rewards. It was funny watching them stand next to each other getting the same shot as the person right next to them. Every shot looked to be shot from shoulder height too - I never understand this. Get high or get low, the differences can be amazing.

The mist kept rolling in and then disappearing, which was great as the same view changed every few minutes. As the sun was nice and low we stayed for about 2 1/2 hours and then headed off for some much needed coffee and breakfast!

After brekkie was headed back down the lake to get some shots from the 'beach' looking down Derwentwater from Keswick.

All in all it was great to be out again, and to have such a great time was a real bonus!

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Cheshire, Lymm, Barn Owl 2011-06-08 Sunset Another impromptu shoot out towards Lymm with Mark and Nicky. I was unsure at first as the forecast looked really bad for around the time of sunset, so we made a call at an hour or so before sunset time to head out as the stormy skies looked like they might be too good to miss!

We stopped at a couple of locations near where I wanted to head to, and they didn't seem quite as good as would have meant mainly shooting in the opposite direction to the great sky. We then made it over to the field of 'three trees' quite near the Barn Owl pub itself.

The light just wasn't there, but there was a small gap underneath the bank of cloud where the sun was so whilst we were waiting I did a couple with the Lee Big Stopper as the wind was pushing the clouds along really nicely so that with the Big Stopper you could capture the clouds streaking across the sky over a few minute long exposure. When the sun did eventually appear from the bank of cloud it just wasn't strong enough to light the field up as we'd originally hoped it would. Against my hand it had a beautiful red glow, it was a shame that it couldn't light up anything else!

I really want to do this particular location at sunrise, I just need a forecast that looks like it will play ball...
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Cheshire, Lymm, Barn Owl 2011-06-01 Sunset I was out playing footie in the garden with Dan and thought it might be worth a trip out for a bit of a recce and hopefully shoot some images too! I sent Mark a text to see if he was up for it, so it was off we went along with Nicky to see what we could find.

The first location I wanted to check was the field with the pylons in directly opposite the Number 3 pub. Unfortunately the crops were too small so we headed over towards the Barn Owl pub. We did a right over the hump back bridge and took a drive down the lanes to see what else we could find. There is a fields, that is one of my favourites, only this year it has a gate at the entrance, so that was the end of that one! Just nearby there is a field with a public right of way and is a really nice location. As time was getting on a bit we all stayed there to shoot the sunset. The sunset was more of a bang than a whimper, but still not the greatest.

I used this as an opportunity to practice some panoramic viewpoints, I'll see what those results are like later... This will make a great sunrise location.

After being here for a bit we headed off to the Barn Owl pub via a couple of other fields to see what they were like too. They looked good, and I will be going back to them shortly before the crops get too old. The pint of Becks was a very welcome one, and we just sat outside looking across the beautiful view across the canal. Someone must have known we would be there as there was a great firework display happening in the distance to watch too!
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Manchester, Salford Quays 2011-05-22 Sunset After yesterday mornings shoot, it turned out that Mark's camera had a fungal infection on the sensor. To this end, a new camera was sourced and another trip out was needed asap to try it out. On this evening Mark's better half joined us along with hat and gloves!

How we mocked, and how the worm turned. How were we to know the weather would turn so cold, making me wish I had my hat and gloves!

The viewpoints on this shoot were more dictated by the where the few clouds were rather than anything else. Thankfully, the movement of the clouds created an ever changing backdrop to the scene. I thought tonight would all be about the Big Stopper to get some long'uns. As the lock on my remote is broken I was hoping my thumb would be up to the job! The longest of the night was about 4 minutes which my thumb coped with admirably. Before we knew it the light and cloud all came together and very nice it was too. I got a couple of images I was very pleased with the 10 stopper, so as the light dropped I took it off to try and get some other images I'd envisaged. At this time I was looking at the hat and gloves with enviable eyes, and no, I didn't care they looked mainly pink! The light finally went and it was time to go.

All in all, a very nice night out!
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Manchester, Salford Quays 2011-05-21 Sunrise As the sunrises are now getting to a really early time, I reckon it's time to pick locations close to home and explore nearby!To be honest it was a toss up between going back to New Brighton, or head somewhere 10 minutes down the road. Down the road won, as it meant an extra 1/2 an hour in bed! Mark and I got there before 5:00am so the car park wasn't yet open so we stayed around the area near to the round-a-bout next to the Lowry theatre just in case an enthusiastic traffic warden appeared. The specific area we picked was at the opposite end from the traditional view of the three curved buildings looking back towards Media City. This is perhaps my favourite viewpoint from this location as it can be so clean and simple.

One of the things I wanted to practice more this year was panoramic shots, this seemed like a good opportunity to do just that. I knew what I wanted to achieve, so I took around 5 sets of images form various viewpoints and I'm really pleased with the results. I could also see what I needed to do next time too, which is a big help.

As 5 o'clock came and went we thought it was time to move the car into the car park. Once we'd done this we had a good wonder about looking for other viewpoints around the quays away from the Media City end. There are some other viewpoints I want to go back to and it made me realise there are so many different viewpoints around the Quays, it's worth spending the time looking round.
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Cheshire, New Brighton 2011-05-14 Sunrise This was a morning that promised much and delivered nothing, except rain.

On the drive up Mark agreed it was looking very hopeful as there a nice amount of cloud and New Brighton has some lovely views. We got there and it was very windy to say the least, but it was still looking good. Then, about 20 minutes before sunrise was due the clouds just relentlessly rolled in of the sea. I didn't mind this as I don't mind shooting if there's some degree of contrast in the sky as this presents new challenges, but when the rain came that was that. The cafe wasn't open yet and I needed something to brighten my mood. Thankfully McDonald's at Chester services is a 24 hour one, so the breakfast and coffee was very welcome.

Still, it's a great reason to go back!
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Manchester, City Centre 2011-04-30 Sunrise Mark and I fancied shooting a bit of HDR stuff around Manchester so we headed of early to try and find some locations to shoot, and to go back to. We had a walk along the canal and around Deansgate. There are now some new locations I want to get back to, but the draw of Castlefield was too great!

There was some very nice colour for a short time, but nothing great to speak of. Once we got near Dukes 92 I headed towards the bridge and over to the other side of the bridge looking back at Beetham Tower and Dukes 92, using the bridge a lead through the shot. There's some lovely shots to be had around Castlefield and it a location that I don't really tire of. After a while the clouds came and the coffee was needed. So we headed off for a nice drink and a chat.
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Manchester, Salford Quays 2011-04-23 Sunset One of the guys from ephotozine arranged a meet for a sunset shoot at the Quays. I've been there loads of times at sunrise, but never at sunset. Needless to say I was pretty excited.

There were about 7 members turned up for the meet and after a quick drink we headed off towards Media City. The security guards were ok on this occasion just querying what we were doing and what we were up to. This always makes me laugh, if you have a top end compact no one would question you, but it you have a tripod, you must be doing some illegal activity! lol. I do think that how you are with them is a direct result of how the security guards are with you. Never have I had a bad experience in Media City. I was asked to leave once as I didn't have a 'pass'. Can't win them all!

Anyway, enough waffle. We all spent some time around the new BBC building and the new buildings, then headed over to the other side to get the whole of Media City in as the sun was going down. I did a couple of long'uns which I was very happy with. Once I'd got these I headed over the road to get a late shot of the curved buildings as the last of the light hit them. I did get one, but the clouds put pay to getting anymore light. After meeting back up with everyone else, it was off for a coffee and some cake.

A very successful night out.
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Northumberland, Beadnell 2011-04-08 Sunrise This was to be the last sunrise of the trip, and due to tiredness and beer from the evening before, Mark and I thought it best just to walk down to the harbour near the cottage for sunrise. The light didn't look like it was going to hit the harbour until later on in the day so we headed away from the harbour down on to the rocks.

There is a channel of rock that leads out into the sea and this looked like a great place to start. There was a little cloud and that really dictated where the camera would be facing, it was either little or nothing. There were actually some really interesting rock formations that I found to use as a bit of foreground. Shortly after the sun rose the light became very harsh, very quickly so we headed back to the cottage.

It wasn't the most productive of mornings, but it was still a beautiful one to be out in!
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Northumberland, Dunstanburgh 2011-04-07 Sunrise We'd waited 12 months to go to Dunstanburgh again as last year when we went for sunset there was no cloud which made for a nice walk, but dull photography!

We got there and it looked like there was very little cloud, again. Once we parked at Embleton and started the walk towards the castle it looked like some of the clouds would blow in off the sea, as there was nothing behind the castle other than an empty sky. It was nice to get a few shots of the castle in the near dark, but this wasn't the image I'd pictured that I wanted. As you can never predict what will be, it's all about making the most of what is available.

There was some lovely clouds and colour about 90 degrees away from the castle, so I made Saddle Rock, and the trademark black stones the focus of my attention for a short time. As the colour faded a few lonely clouds made their way over the castle as the sun just started to rise lighting the castle with it's very first rays. The light was very beautiful. After about only 15-20 minutes the clouds completely disappeared and the light became very harsh. Still, it was a beauty of morning and some lovely shots were in the bag!
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Northumberland, Beadnell 2011-04-07 Sunset Due to being out the previous evening for sunset over at Bamburgh (still less than 10 mins from the cottage in the car), I wanted to read to my eldest as I hadn't seen him much the night before.

Due to this Mark and Nicky headed down to Beadnell harbour and I said I'd follow later on. After reading a great story I headed off down to the harbour with about half an hour to go until sunset, and maybe more importantly, a few cold ones to enjoy at the harbour!

It was another evening when the 'cloud snatcher' had mad an appearance, still there was a lot to photograph. I'd now got a shot of the jetty that I'd wanted to get the year before, so I went down on to the beach where Mark and Nicky were. The light was beautiful and I didn't was to miss the lovely late evening night so I set about taking some around the boats on the sand near the harbour wall. Placing am ND grad filter was a little tricky as not to get the darkness on parts of the boats, so I opted for doing some HDR images. I'm really pleased with results to be honest as that light was too good to miss!
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Northumberland, Bamburgh 2011-04-06 Sunset The clouds and light looked like they might play ball, so where to? After a thought about having a drink later we headed to Bamburgh just a few minutes down the road. The light stays on the rocks/sand down on the beach for a short time then disappears quickly, but stays on the grasses up on the dunes for a good while longer.

Firstly then we went down on to the beach to take a few whilst the late light was still on the lower ground. I had my 3 stop ND soft grad acting as a straight ND filter, and my 3 stop ND hard grad acting as an ND grad. This seemed to create a magnet for the wind, which whilst I wasnít paying attention tipped the tripod over! The 2 ND grad filters acted as cushions, one of which can no longer be used due to it's battle scars and the Sigma 10-20 no longer focus as fast as I think a Hypersonic focus motor should. It is still usable, but very frustrating to use!.

I then left Mark on the beach and headed up on the dunes. There was only a very short time to go before the sun was due to set, and the light hitting the grasses up on the dunes and the castle was beautiful. As the time went on there was some lovely pink colours appeared in the sky. The colour lasted about 5 minutes, a minute or so later the sun went for the night, and then so did we for our richly deserved beers!
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Northumberland, Beadnell 2011-04-05 Sunset Mark and Nicky arrived late the evening before and the sunset looked worth a gamble back of the harbour in Beadnell. Thankfully on a few minutes walk from the cottage we were staying in. We left a little later than the previous evening so that Dan could come with me and Mark and he wouldn't be out in the wind for too long. I headed back towards the jetty, but Dan had other ideas and took me over to the boats on the other side of the harbour. He knew what he wanted to take pictures of. I enjoyed being his assistant for a while, although he is very demanding! After we'd taken some he was happy with I moved back over to the jetty side of the harbour to try and shoot what didn't arrive at yesterday's sunset.

There was a great mood to the entire scene as the time went on, and Uncle Mark enjoyed entertaining Dan whilst I got a few long'uns from on the edge. The colours blended very nicely over the course of the long exposures. I like the slight unpredictability of the end result of the long'uns.
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Northumberland, Bamburgh 2011-04-04 Sunrise I'd decided whilst out for sunset the previous night that I'd head out for sunrise in the morning whatever the forecast to see what I could get. The alarm went off and I had that lovely feeling of excitement. After fumbling around in the dark getting dressed I crept out of the house under a wonderful blanket of cloud and stars and headed over to Bamburgh castle.

I got there around an hour before sunrise was due and I had the entire place to myself, and as the sky looked so promising I was a little surprised that I had this location to myself, almost as if I was the only person for miles. With my wellies on I walked down on to sand and across on to the rocks to see what viewpoints might work.

It was one of those mornings when it makes you glad you do this sort of thing, as the time marched on towards sunrise the colours and patterns from the clouds were beautiful. I went back to the viewpoints I'd found earlier to shoot a few of the wonderful scenes unfolding before me. When the sky was at it's most colourful I saw a guy getting out of his car and with his camera and tripod he made his was down on to the beach a short distance in front of me, this was not a good morning to have overslept, or thought that was the right time to arrive.

When I'd got the shots I wanted I went hunting for more.

I made my way over to Stag Rock taking shots of various views along the way. The view over from Stag Rock is a very nice one, being able to utilise the reflections in the various rock pools left behind. Around an hour after sunrise I made my way back to the cottage as the little had become quite harsh by this point with a very smug feeling knowing that was a sunrise to remember!
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Northumberland, Beadnell 2011-04-04 Sunset This was a special evening for me as my 6 year son came along to take some shots as well. He took a few that were very nice, although watching him struggle with the camera & tripod did make me feel a little uneasy, but I didn't want to stop his enthusiasm. After all what's a camera for if not to let people take pictures with? All I did was help to level the camera and he wouldn't take any shots without checking he liked what he saw in the viewfinder first!

After a while the wind got up and he wanted to head back to the cottage to his mum and Tom. I stayed out to take some long exposures using the Lee 10 stop filter in and around the jetty. I got a couple I liked, but the sunset was far more of a whimper than a bang!

I'm sure Dan got the best of the evening.
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Northumberland, Bamburgh 2011-04-03 Sunset We arrived the day before at our cottage, and since getting there and I'd been aching to get out with the camera, but playing on the beach with my wife & 2 sons took priority!

I'd decided not to go out for sunrise as the beer had won the argument the night before, so sunset it was.

I headed down towards Bamburgh stopping along the way to have a look at the various viewpoints from up on the dunes looking back towards Seahouses. As it was still a while until the time of sunset I'd decided to move on and log these dunes as a 'go back to' location.

Bamburgh is beautiful, there's no two ways about that, but trying to find something unique is fairly tricky so the conditions play a hand in that as I like the way the conditions can completely change the way a location can look. Once parked I headed down on to the beach and on to the slippy wet rocks, it was still a while until sunset and unfortunately the clouds were rapidly being stolen by the cloud monster. As sunset approached the light was gorgeous and too good to miss, even if there was little cloud around by that time. I was hoping for some colour in the sky that never came. Still, there's always next time, but I'd shot a few I was happy with and headed home to see my boys before their bed time.
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Manchester, Salford Quays 2011-03-19 Sunrise We finally got our car replaced after it was recently stolen so I could finally get out after not being out since the 04/11/2010. How bad is that?!

I also lost about 6 months worth of images back in December too, mainly due to laziness and a not very robust back up process. Needless to say I have a far better back up procedure in place now in the fashion of external storage. I never actually realised how cheap remote back up companies were...

Some of the images that I lost were from my first outing with the Lee Big Stopper and that one was a great sunrise. So much so, I have 2 of the images from that trip out on the wall at home. As I'd lost the RAW files, tiffs, and jpegs of these images I thought I'd have a crack at Salford Quays again.

I really do love having this location so close to my house. I know it's well photographed, but there are always different viewpoints to be found, and the conditions are rarely the same for common viewpoints too.

The weather looked really cloudy about an hour before sunrise was due, but it was windy so I was hoping the wind would break the clouds up over the next hour or so. Thankfully it did. There was some nicely colour for a couple of minutes in the middle of an 8 minute exposure so there were some nice streaks of colour in the final image, not a lot, but still nice all the same.

After the initial bang and whimper of the sunrise I had a wonder down the quays away from the Media City and took a few shots looking back towards it with the emphasise more on the curves of the apartment buildings than Media City itself.

I'm going back in a few weeks to do a sunset shoot there. All the times I've ever been there have all been at sunrise, so it'll be nice to photograph the area at sunset...

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Manchester, Salford Quays 2010-11-04 Morning Well, the Media City at Salford Quays was pretty much all open so I wanted a rainy, cloudy day to try and get some shots of the reflections in the wet stone and have no huge bright patches from the glass too. It was a little windy to say the least, but that just kept the cloudy formations changing, which was a great thing.

I took a few of the normal view across the water using the ĎBig Stopperí for a bit of fun, but I really wanted to get over to nearer the buildings that had been sealed off for months for some HDR stuff and to give Photomatix Pro 4 a work out too.

The security guards around Media City were really good. I'm a believer that if you're ok with them, they'll be ok with you and this was no exception. I'm going to be going back for an evening shoot at some point, as the area will look beautiful with all of the lights on lighting up the building and the area very nicely.
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Cheshire, New Brighton 2010-08-21 Sunrise It was another earlier alarm call at 03:35 to get across to New Brighton to meet up with some people from ephotozine. The weather really was beautiful as was the colour that spread across the sky. All be it for only a few minutes. Still it is a great location to get back to.

It was a bit of a wait until the cafe opened at 08:00, but the breakfast that followed more than made up for that!

I won't be leaving it so long until my next outing, I just need to decide where it will be...
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Manchester, Salford Quays 2010-06-19 Sunrise My Big Stopper arrived earlier this week, yay!

I couldn't wait to get out and have a play with it, and there was some shots I wanted to try at Salford Quays. So I knew where I wanted to go, but I still had to get up!

It started with another very early alarm at 3:00am. There looked to be a fair bit of cloud and a nice few gaps amongst them. So I packed the car, questioned what I was doing at that time, and then set off to Salford Quays.

I knew the car park didn't open until 5:00am, but I was quite sure I'd find somewhere to park. I managed to park right near where I wanted to shoot next to the iconic curved apartment blocks. The wind made it a little cold for me in my shorts, but it made for some great effects with the Big Stopper.

After an hour or so after sunrise the light was becoming very harsh, very quickly and it still wasn't even 5:30am yet! lol. I left about 15 minutes later having had a great morning out with my new toy...
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Cheshire, New Brighton 2010-05-22 Sunrise It was an early alarm call this morning, 2:45am to be exact and on the road by 3:00am.

There was a meet organised by some members of ephotozine over at New Brighton, I'd never been there before and so I was looking forward to getting there. The location didn't disappoint with the lighthouse and the many green covered rocks makes for some great viewpoints.

After a couple of hours the cafe opened for a very, very welcome breakfast. I think I'll be visiting here again very soon...
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Northumberland, Bamburgh 2010-04-02 Sunrise This was to be the last morning that I would be able to get out for a sunrise before the journey home the next day.

The alarm went off and having spotted stars in the sky it was game on. So Mark and I headed off to Bamburgh. We got there about an hour before sunrise was due and it was already lighter than I was expecting. As we parked up we could see a few togs down there already, and knowing how busy this place could get I was expecting a few more too, thankfully no more materialised.

Getting a decent viewpoint wasn't too bad as all the other togs that were there stayed up on the rocky ledge and with my wellies on I ventured down in to the sea on to the rocks where the sea was washing gently over them.

For me, this paid dividends as the sea looked wonderful with the the early morning colours reflecting off it, coupled with some long exposures the sea looked like mist in a valley. An hour after the sun came up the light was getting quite harsh and with not much cloud we headed back to the cottage to warm up knowing there was some good ones on the memory card...
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Northumberland, Dunstanburgh 2010-04-01 Sunset Myself and Mark had decided at 5:00am that the sunrise wasn't looking good so we agreed we'd go over to Dunstanburgh for sunset instead. The sky had very few clouds in, but knowing how quickly the conditions can change we thought it was worth a trip out. We parked at the Embleton side of the castle and walked along the coastal path towards the castle.

There was still no cloud, and to be honest there didn't look like any were going to arrive. We were right. Down by the well known rocks there was some lovely light on them and views to be had were gorgeous. I did get caught out by a wave that got me and my camera. Thankfully it seems to be ok.

I went up into the light to clean off the camera and see if there was any damage. After my inspection I took a few from up on the coastal path next to the beach. As the sun went down I had a great play with some long exposures right next to the sea that got some results that I was pleased with that captured some nice subtle colour in the sky too.

All in all a great evening out!
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Northumberland, Beadnell 2010-03-31 Sunset Mark and I headed down to the harbour about 2 mins away from the house as the sunset looked like it could produce something pretty good. It didn't. However the sea looked great and slightly moody. Their was some nice contrast in the sky too.

It took a few attempts to get the timing right for the shots I wanted but I was happy with the few I got. Not the best evening out, but nothing ventured, nothing gained! lol
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Northumberland, Bamburgh 2010-03-30 Late After The weather was being particularly stormy and the sea was looking awesome with some of the waves that were coming in. The sky had a bit of contrast to it so as my wife had decided to take the boys to a play area I thought I'd head to Bamburgh to see what I could get.

I sat in the car watching the waves coming in for a while, eventually I got out for a wonder. I got the camera set up in the car aware that there was going to be a fair bit of spray. Thankfully I could shoot what I wanted with the rain hitting my back leaving the camera nice and dry! Just near the car park at the far end of The Wyndings there was a nice rocky ledge that is about 8 feet wide that then has a slight drop of a couple of feet. It was great as the sea came crashing into the ledge making for some pretty impressive scenes. I managed to stay out for about 20 minutes in my fleece (not realising my waterproof was in the car!) before heading back to car for dryness & warmth.

I managed to get a few I was happy with and when I got back to the car there were a couple of others watching the stormy sea, although not stupid enough to get their cameras out! lol
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Northumberland, Holy Island 2010-03-28 Sunrise As we were only in Northumberland for a week this date was the only date I could get across the causeway for a sunrise. So I suppose this was a 'take what you can get' type of a morning. I'd never been there before and I was relieved to find how passable the causeway is! lol

I parked in the public car park and had an short enjoyable walk down the boats. I never realised what a great place this was until I was there. As there were no clouds in the sky I thought I'd have a bit of a wonder to see what I could find.

I ended up at the end of the walkway just stood looking out to sea for quite a while...

After a few minutes I set up the camera to shoot one of the viewpoints I'd found looking out to sea down the steps at the end. I got a couple I was happy with, but when the sun rose from behind the castle into an empty sky I just enjoyed having a look around wondering when my next visit to this special place would be...
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Northumberland, Bamburgh 2010-03-27 Sunset It was the first evening of our family holiday and the weather looked like it was going to play ball, and not wanting the photography to dominate the holiday I casually asked my wife if I could go out to take some shots. She not only agreed, but came with me along with our two boys.

When we got to Bamburgh the late evening light was gorgeous and only got better as time went on. I got a few on the rocks/beach, and as the light faded I headed up to catch the last of the light on the dune grasses and the castle. There was some lovely colour in the sky too making this a great start to the week.
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Lake District, Keswick, Brandelhow Bay 2010-02-06 Sunrise There was a meet organised a member on ephotozine to Keswick. It was a 4:30am alarm call and a 2:15 drive to get there. I drove up with intention of checking out Brandelhow Bay on the way to meet the others.

I parked up and headed down the path towards the lakes. I have to be honest I was so glad I had my torch as the loose stone was slippy to say the least and I ended up walking on the grass next to the stones. After about 10 minutes I got down to the bay it proved to be a stunning location. I had a good explore and decided as it was so nice I'd stay around there instead of meeting the others over by the theatre.

There was cloud to speak of, but there was a beautiful layer of mist on the lake and some ice where the lake had frozen.

The light broke over one of the hills around 40 minutes after the time sunrise was due, so I'd planned the compositions prior to the sun peeking over the hill as the light would be harsher than I would have liked so I wanted to move quickly so the light was still nice and warm. I'd never been over to the west side of the lake for sunrise before, but it certainly wonít be my last time. I've already planned a few more locations over that way...
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Cheshire, Dunham 2010-01-17 Sunrise As it had been over 12 months since I'd been to Dunham I thought I'd give it a go. My main objective of the morning was to get some shots of the early shafts of light breaking through the trees. I took a few around the ponds that were completely frozen as it looked like a wonderful winters scene.

I then set about finding a place for my reason for visiting there in the first place. As the light came it wasn't to be so I went off for a walk to see what else I could find.

After half an hours walking I came across around 40-50 deer that were feeding right where the early light was breaking through. I spent a good hour or so photographing the deer. I managed to get really close to some of them for some lovely shots. All I need to do now is process them!

It's funny really, I came away with some shots I never expected to get, just goes to show there's always opportunity, it's just finding it...
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Manchester, City Centre 2010-01-03 Sunrise Hooray! First outing of 2010

There was a meet scheduled in over in North Wales, but given the weather and freezing conditions I decided on somewhere a little closer to home as I didn't fancy the drive. So it was off to Manchester city centre for sunrise.

I stayed around the Urbis area to see what I could get. Unfortunately the sky had no cloud in, but as the buildings would be providing the interest I didn't think it was make too much difference. On most of the shots it didn't, but one or two will be getting a revisit with more detail in the sky.

See how the weather is for this weekend...
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Manchester, Salford Quays 2009-12-19 Sunrise It was a toss up between going back to Manchester city centre, or head off to the Lowry. The Lowry won as there a few viewpoints I wanted to try and as there looked to be a prospect of a good sunrise with some good light I thought I'd give them a try.

The car was reading the outside temperature at -7 and it felt it too! I initially headed over to the view looking across to Old Trafford as there was some lovely pre-dawn colour and light forcing it's way up. I then headed over to the curved flats away on the opposite side as I wanted to get them with the first rays of light hitting them. I shot a couple of different angles there and headed back across to the Imperial War museum side for a few more.

Then it was off for a nice hot coffee!
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Manchester, City Centre 2009-12-13 Sunrise After a couple of months I thought it was time I managed to get out. I wanted to do some urban stuff so I headed off into Manchester city centre with Mark.

There was a few locations I wanted to try and get to and Mark wanted to get some around Beetham Tower so we headed off over in that direction. I can't wait to visit the other locations soon.

The sunrise played ball and I had a good wonder getting some shots from the other side of Dukes 92 and looking for some nice angles and lines. The early light was very nice, all be it short lived. It was off for a coffee to warm up and then heading home for sausage butties to fill up!
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Anglesey, Llanddwyn Island 2009-10-10 Sunrise I went on a weekend meet with some members of ephotozine and this location was the one chosen for sunrise. It is a bit of a trek from the car park and the weather didn't exactly play ball, but it is a beautiful location and one that oozed potential.

The sea was nice and choppy giving some nice spray off the rocks and slightly inland there is a lot to investigate. Somewhere that if I was in Anglesey again I'd try to revisit.
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Anglesey, Trearddur Bay 2009-10-10 Daytime I went on a weekend meet with some members of ephotozine and this location was the one chosen for the afternoon, more to explore that anything else. The light was really too harsh, but still a great location to explore.

It amazes me how much great scenery there is in such a small area.
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Anglesey, Porth Nobla, Tycroes 2009-10-10 Sunset The sunset visit on the weekend meet with some members of ephotozine was a bit of a trial and error exercise as the weather didn't look promising so we went to a couple of locations and then ended up here.

It really was a cracking location, the colours from the rocks and the way the sea crashed into them was very nice. The only downside was that there was only the smallest hint of colour and nothing more. Still, I had a play with some longish exposures to go for a cauldron type effect from the sea. Getting off the wet rocks was so treacherous as it was now so slippy, I was glad this was one of those times where I actually took my time! lol
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Lake District, Keswick 2009-09-19 Sunrise I thought I'd have a bit of drive up to Keswick, it was an early start at 03:30 thought. As you would expect at that time the drive was straight through and there was hardly any traffic.

The weather forecast was for little cloud moving to very cloudy over the sunrise period. There was just loads of cloud, but thankfully it had some gaps that did allow some colour to force it's way through. I spent my time doing some reasonably long exposures using my one of 2 stop and 3 stop ND grads as straight ND's to slow the exposure right down. I was pleased with the results, but it wasn't the sunrise I'd envisaged.

I think I'll be going back in a couple of weeks when the autumn colours start to appear.
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Derbyshire, Curbar & Baslow 2009-08-29 Sunrise The morning was a very cold and windy one. I was hoping for some mist below the edges, but that wasn't to be. The sky played ball though as the wind brought very changeable conditions across.

The light at first was gorgeous, and the views were so nice too. After an hour or so the wind brought across some cloud that was to cover the sun for the rest of the morning. The morning was one of those that made you glad you did this kind of thing!
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Staffordshire, The Roaches 2009-08-16 Sunrise The scene was set for a gorgeous sunrise with the mist rolling over Hen Cloud. I got a couple I really liked when the low cloud came in and didn't move, Bugger! I waited for a further hour and it didn't shift, and it was very cold with the wind whipping around me too.

So after a flask of coffee I decided to call it a day and go home. A bit disappointing, but great to be out.
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Manchester, Salford Quays 2009-08-02 Sunrise I canít believe itís been so long since Iíve been out for a sunrise shoot. Mind you a lot has happened with Tom being born and doing a lot of work to the house.

The morning started out quite cloudy, which was good as I was looking to do some HDR shots and wanted a bit of drama in the sky. This did change as the minutes went on, with some gorgeous light when it arrived, although I did have to be quick as it was very fleeting. I had a nice walk around to viewpoints Iíd not seen before, overall a worthwhile trip out.
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Cheshire, Lymm, Number 3 2009-06-02 Sunset The weather said about 50% and rain. Thankfully they were half right! There was a decent amount of cloud and no rain :).

I initially headed to the fields around the Number 3 pub as I didnít want to miss the light on the crops this time. I had a decent mooch about and got a few shots that I wanted. As the sun began to dip the colours in the sky began to change so I headed over to the fields near Wet Gate Lane for the rest of the sunset.

The sky certainly didnít disappoint. There was some further light and gorgeous colours too. As the sky was so nice and there was still some light on the crop I didnít end up leaving there until half an hour after sunset.

So apart from getting stung by nettles numerous times (I still don\t understand why I chose to go out in shorts!) it was a great evening out.
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Cheshire, Lymm, Number 3 2009-05-21 Sunset I only got to visit this location once last year and I never knew how good it was. The reason I think it so good is that across the road from the Number 3 pub there are a couple of fields. One with crops and the other with deep ploughed furrows. Both have pylons running through them, which I feel makes them a little different from the norm.

I got there just as the light was going down behind some trees, there was some gorgeous light and I did enjoy it for a short while. The sunset that followed produced some lovely colour. The lines and pylons added that little bit extra to the shots too.

A location I really want to do a sunrise shoot at. Just need a morning without rain first! lol
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Cheshire, Lymm, Barn Owl 2009-05-12 Sunset I went out for a drive last Sunday to see how the crops were doing. They were looking very lush and green, but there was a Rape seed field on the corner of Wet Gate Lane and Mill Lane near the Barn Owl pub very near Lymm that really caught my eye.

So on Tuesday there looked to be some cloud moving in to cover the blueness of the cloudless sky so I made my way back to this field. I arrived around an hour before sunset and scouted out some viewpoints that I wanted to take.

When the sun dropped a little lower the light was wonderful and the high clouds looked great against the deep blue of the sky. Thankfully there was also some great colour in the sky that followed, enhanced by the sea of gold from the Rape Seed.

A great find in a little corner of Lymm.
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Anglesey, Penmon Point 2009-04-26 Sunrise It was a 2:30am alarm yesterday to leave by 2:50am to meet up at the Anglesey Arms with Paul, Richard, Nick and Pete, from ephotozine at 4:45am. I did question my sanity though as I was getting out of bed at 2:30! lol

It was nice meeting up with you all again.

We drove down to Penmon Point where the lighthouse is located. The cloud/colour didn't let us down during the sunrise, as the light was beautiful and the location is so picturesque there are so many great viewpoints to be found. The tide was quite far out which left some ideal rock pools and colourful seaweed to include in the shots too.

However, after about an hour all of the cloud was gone. I don't get to do coastal stuff much so I 'filled my boots' as they say and I've got quite a few I'm happy with - just need to process them now! lol
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Staffordshire, The Roaches 2009-04-18 Sunrise I finally managed to get to the Roaches for sunrise after weeks of wanting to visit the location. It was an early start at 3:55am, but I wanted to leave myself time to get there and walk up to the top as I'd never been before.

I'm glad I did have time on my side, the location is easy enough to find, but the walk up to the top was a nightmare in the pitch black with all of the rocks and loose gravel. I know there must be easier ways up, I only wish I knew what they were! Lol. But the view once at the top was beautiful, even if quite hazy.

The weather all morning was so changeable due to the high winds, but this was great as the entire mood of the place would change within a few seconds. I'm sure there is a lot more to the Roaches other than the small area I explored. A sure fire location to get back to!
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Derbyshire, Curbar & Baslow 2009-04-13 Sunset I wanted to go a bit further a field, but time got a way from me and I ended up back on Baslow Edge. I'd done sunset on Curbar a week or so before, so I thought I'd do Baslow this time as I really like the views from Baslow looking back across to Curbar.

The sunset could have gone either way, but unfortunately the cloud decided it would put pay to any dramatic light or colour, but still got a couple I was happy with.

Here's to thinking of somewhere for the coming weekend...
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Derbyshire, Curbar & Baslow 2009-04-04 Sunset I have the Malaysian grand prix to thank for going out for sunset. The reason being is that I decided to go out for sunset rather than sunrise today so I could watch it. It was rather last minute so I only got there about an hour before sunset and it didn't look too promising and the forecast wasn't much better, but I wanted to get out as you never know! And as it turned out, one of the best sunsets I've seen.

I'd never been to Curbar for sunset before and it's amazing how different the same place can look at the different times of the day. It was a bit weird being at a place when it was going dark when normally you're there as it gets lighter, especially when no one else at all is around! lol

I thought Curbar was a great place for sunset. It was weird being at a familiar place for sunrise and having to rethink how you normally look at place though, but well worth it.
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Derbyshire, Stanage Edge 2009-03-29 Sunrise Went for a meet with around 30 people from ephotozine over to Derbyshire, starting at Stanage Edge. The last time I came here was the 2007-10-01!

I arrived an hour earlier than needed due to the clocks going forward and my inability to think in the middle of the night! lol. After everyone turned up at Hook's car park we made our way up on to the edge. Once up there all but a few headed further up the edge towards the Trig point and millstones. I stayed back and found some shots around a fence that caught the very first light just near the top of the pathway.

Once the sun had risen a little I made my way up to the millstones and trig point before meeting everyone back at the Pool Cafe in Hathersage before deciding our next move...
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Derbyshire, Padley Gorge 2009-03-29 Daytime After being up on Stanage Edge we went for breakfast at the Pool cafe in Hathersage - very nice. Once re-charged we headed off to Padley Gorge, some went to Lower Padley and around ten of us from ephotozine went to Upper Padley. A great place full of small waterfalls all the way down to Lower Padley and loads of interest too. This place would look spectacular in autumn with all of the colour. I managed to get some shots of some of the waterfalls. After a couple of hours we had a good chat before I headed home after a very early start. Site Details
Cheshire, Oulton Park 2009-03-22 Daytime A couple of friends were taking their cars out to Oulton Park to take them round the track. I had asked one of them to give me a bell as I really fancied doing some motor sport shots as something different to the subjects I would normally shoot.

As there would be loads of other cars to I thought it would make for a good day out. I wasn't disappointed the number and types of cars was really good. Cars from Mini's through to Nissan GTR's and Noble's. It didn't quite have the same atmosphere as a race day, but it was still really good to do as it allowed you to get really close to the track and in and around the pits too which you wouldn't be allowed to do on a race day.
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Derbyshire, Curbar & Baslow 2009-03-08 Sunrise I Went with a last minute decision to go out so I headed off to Curbar. A nice early get up at 4:45. The forecast said it would be windy and it wasn't wrong! It also said there would be no cloud and it wasn't wrong about that either! lol

It's amazing how much you miss the cloud when there's none there at all. Still, there was some wonderful light for a time and there was The Prodigy and a flask of coffee for company too. Not a bad morning by any means - it was nice to be out.
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Manchester, Salford Quays 2009-03-01 Sunrise I just had to go back to this location. I met up with Paul Sutton for a sunrise shoot. The sunrise never really happened, one of those mornings where it just got lighter. There was some contrast in the sky to get some architectural images of the area, as well as a panoramic of the media centre round to the Lowry itself, as we spent most of our time near the three curves blocks of flats waiting for some none existent light to hit them.

With the weather not being the best it's a great excuse to go back there!
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France, Paris 2009-02-17 Daytime Spent a wonderful few hours touring around Paris with my sister and her family who now live over in Paris. It is a wonderful and beautiful city with so many sites and curious people. I only managed a few shots as this was more a family trip. It has left me longing to return though to visit and capture more of it. Site Details
Manchester, City Centre 2009-02-07 Sunrise Mark and I decided to do sunrise in the city centre as we'd not done sunrise in a city before and it seemed like a really good challenge. I had a couple of ideas as to where I wanted to go, but we agreed on the Castlefield area around the canal, mainly looking back towards the Beetham Tower. The sunrise was a cracker. The light only shone for a short amount of time, but the colour was beautiful. A great subject for HDR if ever there was one

I particularly liked doing a sunrise in a city centre as the number of opportunities there are amazing. This certainly wonít be the last time I'll be doing it. Hopefully I'll be back there in a couple of weeks.
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Manchester, City Centre 2009-02-07 Daytime Mark Scholey suggested a street portraiture meet with a difference. The idea of the meet was, rather than take candids of people whilst walking about town, ask the people first to engage them and get their thoughts on the taking their photo. This was a great idea as I was surprised as to how happy people were to let you take their photo. It was also good, as it was interesting how asking total strangers lead on to further conversions too. An idea well worth taking further. Site Details
Lake District, Keswick, Lodore 2009-01-18 Sunrise There was a meet organised from ephotozine to meet up at the theatre car park at 7:30am. 48 members of the club were to meet there. I wanted to meet up with some people, but not at the expense of fighting for a view. So Mark and myself headed down to a place mark had wanted to try for ages.

The view was from the area opposite the Ladore hotel. There was a lovely jetty, boathouse, reeds and open views that lent themselves to some wonderful views and we were treated to some dramatic skies and very windy weather too - thank god for the flask of hot tea!

A location that has to be revisited with some different conditions.

After sunrise at Ladore we headed of to Ashness Bridge to get some views of the bridge and the light hitting Skiddaw. It is a lovely tranquil location and a great view back over to Skiddaw. We met up with a great guy called Ian from the Epz website and after some shots we all headed off into Keswick for a late breakfast and to warm up a little.
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Lake District, Wastwater 2009-01-18 Sunset After the breakfast in Keswick we started to drive over to Wastwater as this was another location that Mark wanted to try and after his suggestion of Ladore, how could I argue! lol.

It was on the journey to Wastwater I realised how vast the area of the Lake District really it. It took us over 1 1/2 hours to get there from Keswick.

We had a drive round and then went to the Wasdale Head Inn for a drink whilst we waited for the rain to stop and to hope for a break in the weather. The rain did stop and the weather played ball for a very short time realising some wonderful light on The Screes and over the whole area.

We both managed some shots and I have to say that this is the nicest place that I have visited in the Lake District. I'm not sure if it's because the area is so far from everywhere else, or it was the effort in getting there and the very, very long drive home or if it is just because it is full of beautiful views in every direction. In the in the driving rain and wind it still looked beautiful.
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Manchester, Salford Quays 2009-01-10 Sunrise I'd had a training course at the Lowry the previous week and I had never realised what a place it was - full of photographic opportunities from lots of different angles and locations.

I went with Mark and it was freezing. Even the rowers had to break through the ice to get out on to the open water! We spent most of our time looking back towards either the Imperial War Museum, or towards Manchester city centre. The sky was wonderful, although no real light managed to get through to warm up the buildings. For the sky alone and to explore a new location the morning was a very productive one.
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Derbyshire, Curbar & Baslow 2009-01-03 Sunrise Metcheck said 21% cloud, clear, and -8. The reality: 100% cloud, almost clear and very little frost. A little disappointing for the first outing of 2009.

That said there was a little colour for 10 minutes at the time of sunrise and a chance to try a visualise some mono images. With a flask of coffee and fresh air - the morning could have been a lot worse, lol.
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Cheshire, Dunham 2008-12-31 Sunrise A walk along the canal with Mark was full of mist, but a very enjoyable walk coupled with a great chat, and some decent opportunities too. Site Details
Cheshire, Dunham 2008-12-14 Sunrise The weather promised mist, and it did not lie. The atmosphere it created transformed the place into something very different and very atmospheric. A place I will be visiting again in the mist as I feel I missed a lot of shots that I thought about on the drive home. Site Details
Derbyshire, Curbar & Baslow 2008-11-22 Sunrise One of the best sunrises I have ever seen. The weather was freezing, but the light and sky was amazing. Couple this with some great songs on the i-pod made for a great morning in a great location. Site Details
Cheshire, Quarry Bank Mill 2008-11-04 Daytime I enjoyed a pleasant afternoon walk around Quarry Bank Mill hoping for some autumn shots around the stream and small waterfall that lead into the river

I concentrated on a small area which made me think about my shots more and I was really pleased with the results
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Derbyshire, Curbar & Baslow 2008-11-01 Sunrise I went there hoping for some frost, but instead I was greeted with a freezing wind and no frost with heavy cloud. After around 1/2 an hour the cloud started to break that let some lovely warm light through.

Around an hour later the rain came and I thought I'd take a gamble hoping for a rainbow and it came!! It was a pain continually wiping my filters and camera - but well worth it!!
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Cheshire, Dunham 2008-10-18 Sunrise A great morning out with Mark, this time staying around Island Pond and Old Man's Pond. After the light broke we made our way over to the Sanctuary building for some lovely lit shots with some autumn colour from the numerous trees Site Details
Cheshire, Dunham Park 2008-10-12 Sunrise I was hoping to get some autumn shots, but the trees hadn't really changed colour that much yet. There was 100% cloud that did break for a few minutes around an hour after I got there so I did get a couple of shots over by Old Man's pond.

I'll see how the colours look next week - hopefully they will have become a little more autumnal by then
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Cheshire, Stockley Bird of Prey 2008-09-28 Daytime A meet was organised through ephotozine to spend the day with Gary & Claire at Stockley Bird of Prey Centre. The cost was £25 each with 14 people attending.

The day had a timetable, and Gary & Claire were more than happy to change it to suit us. We went just outside the main area to get some of the images which was very good as they would then bring different birds to photograph whilst we would be taking shots of their other birds.

The day ran from 10am through to around 5:30pm. All in all it was a good full day with some great photographic opportunities of the birds both stationary and in flight that we would never have got at the normal public displays. This day out comes recommended
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Derbyshire, Curbar & Baslow 2008-09-21 Sunrise I promised myself I'd go back to Baslow Edge as soon as I could after the cloudy sunrise last week

The drive up to the car park was shrouded in mist with very low visibility, thankfully it cleared by the time I got up to the car park. A quick walk over to Baslow Edge revealed a stunning view with a blanket of mist covering the valley which was worth a few shots as the sun got high enough to light up the list

Prior to this, due to the haze the sunrise was so nice and red to watch as it rose. This too made for some lovely shots as the first light started to hit the heather and the stone
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Derbyshire, Curbar & Baslow 2008-09-14 Sunrise As the weather was predicting 70% cloud I thought it would be worth a trip out for sunrise. I got there around 5:50am and once I'd got used to seeing the highland cows with the huge horns I started to enjoy walking around

The cloud was very low and formed a barrier to the view. About an hour after sunrise the clouds did start to break and some lovely blue sky appeared amongst them. Enjoyed the walk and the views even though the light wasn't as warm as I hoped I still got some shots I'm happy with
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Mexico, Playa Del Carmen 2008-08-12 Break I've just spent a great break away with my family in Playa Del Carmen in Mexico. The weather was great, a little to good as there was rarely any clouds.

I got out for a nice evening walk on one of the three nights there was any cloud. After about a 1/2 hour walk away from the hotel was a nice rocky area jutting out into the sea and a beached buoy that made for some good fg interest. It was worth exploring up the beach to find them both
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Cheshire, Dunham Park 2008-08-02 Sunrise I Can't believe it's been nearly six months since I've been to Dunham Park, and so myself and Mark went for a sunrise shoot

The sky looked like it was 100% cloud and was going to stay that way, however the wind did move the clouds nicely and the sky turned very moody and stormy which created some lovely colour a few minutes after sunrise

Then the rain came so spent a good while chatting waiting for some light that never came - still it was so great to be out at sunrise again
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Cheshire, Lymm, Barn Owl 2008-07-23 Sunset Had a good look around for some straw bales and managed to find a field with some nicely spaced out, looking like they had been put there to be photographed

Drove a little further to the canal where I was lucky as there was a fishing match in progress with the sunset as the backdrop, which was a nice find

Only down side was that I broke my remote release :(
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Derbyshire, Goyt Valley 2008-07-19 Sunset Didn't have much time so raced over to Goyt Valley to catch the last of the light as it hit the hills with some lovely warm light

As windy as it was it was good to be out. Glad I got some shots before the sun went behind the hills as unfortunately no colour appeared after the sun went down
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Digital Camera 2008-07-18 July Awarded shot of the week on their website for reader pictures for my image Trig Sunrise Site Details
Practical Photography 2008-07-17 July Awarded Editor's Choice on the website for reader pictures for my image Crimson Dawn Site Details
Cheshire, Lymm, Barn Owl 2008-07-11 Sunset I'd been aching to get out with the camera and the sunset looked to be a promising one. So I set off out to get the shot near the Barn Owl pub that I've been wanting to get for a while

Just as I was driving down the road this huge cloud I'd been praying would break up or go away never did and slowly moved across the area where the sun was

Since I was there I went for a wonder to have a look for any new viewpoints and got a few moody shots, so the evening turned out very good, but for different reasons than I initially set out with
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Other 2008-07-08 Update Recently I've been a little unhappy with some of the images on my website, so I took the decision to take the off ones that had been niggling me So off went 26 images. It's always hard to admit some of your work isn't up to par, but I'm glad I did it now as I'm more than happy with all of the images on my website My mission for the rest of the year is to be overly critical with my own shots, and try and put my of an analytical approach to other peoples work - hopefully this will make me think more about my own shots too Thanks for reading Site Details
Cheshire, Lymm, Barn Owl 2008-06-30 Sunset Had a nice drive out looking for new locations in and around the Barn Owl pub (on Warrington Lane off Lymm Road) in Cheshire

I visited some earlier locations first and took a few shots as the crops were turning a lovely gold colour. I could see a nice golden field and finally found a way to get in. Part way down Warrington Lane, just past the hump back bridge on the right there is a public right of access on the left that takes you through the field. Shot quite a few there and a location I will get to at sunrise
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Cheshire, Lymm, Number 3 2008-06-17 Sunset Went for a lovely meal at Ye Olde No 3 Inn and spotted a lovely field across the road that has public access

Since I spotted the field I really wanted to photograph it, as it had lovely crops and a few pylons in the field which added interest to the images too. I was also treated to a lovely sunset with some lovely colour and moody clouds - great location
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Cheshire, Lymm, Barn Owl 2008-06-08 Sunrise Was an early start with the alarm going off at 3:30, but worth the early start as I headed over to the Barn Owl pub which is close to Lymm, Cheshire to see what I could find

I ended up on Wet Gate Lane and found a nice little public footpath through one of the fields that had some crops in that looked so good to photograph. The only cloud in the sky was where the sun was rising which forced me to shoot with the sun in/near the shot

Once the sun was up I had a nice long walk along the canal looking for other bit to photograph - a good early trip
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Digital Camera 2008-06-01 July Issue Awarded shot of the month for reader pictures in the July issue for my image Through the Fence Site Details
Cheshire, Jodrell Bank 2008-05-27 Daytime I've been wanting to go to Jodrell Bank for ages, so I went with my family and my niece. The entry fee is only £2 and I think I was expecting a little more in the way of a space exhibition to be honest than what was there. Don't get me wrong what was there was very good and the to look at the dish close up with, especially with the camera and for some HDR work, is well worth the £2 alone. A place I would highly recommend for a couple of hours and for value for money Site Details
Lancashire, East Lancs Railway 2008-05-26 Daytime A great day out with my family at one of the Thomas days. I'm sure there are better days out for specifically taking photos, but even with so many families there, there are still loads of photographic opportunities to be had. A great day out for the family and the camera Site Details
Derbyshire, Goyt Valley 2008-05-22 Sunset Had a nice little drive out to Goyt Valley for sunset. Entered Goyt Valley from the Whaley Bridge end and stopped just down the hill to use one of the many stone walls as fg interest and to lead through the shot whilst trying to keep a view across the valley. There are so many different shots to be had just down that one road alone Site Details
Yorkshire, Swaledale 2008-05-17 Morning Went for a meet with some members of ephotozine to the Yorkshire Dales and stayed at the West End Centre which was a very good place to stay

On the Saturday the four of us (myself, Mark, Paul and Fran went off to Swaledale, some 50 miles away from the centre and came across so many nice views you're spoilt for choice. Well worth a visit and not too far from the Lakes either. We ended up near Gunnerside and then on to Hawes for breakfast
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Yorkshire, Hadraw Falls 2008-05-17 Afternoon Followed up the breakfast (see previous entry) in Hawes by visiting Hadraw Falls just down the road. A great place to visit. You access the falls/river via the Green Dragon Inn in Scaur Head at a fee of £2. If you're going to take shots of the falls then the £2 is well worth it Site Details
Lake District, Keswick 2008-03-22 Sunrise Went for a walk up to Friarís Crag, and as nice as the view was the conditions just werenít right so headed to the boats/jetties

Iíve never seen the wind create such changeable conditions as it did on this morning. It went from lovely sunrise to hail downpours and back to sunshine within minutes

The hills across the lake simply kept disappearing under the cloud and hail showers. It was lovely to watch and managed to get some shots before the weather was too bad
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Lake District, Ullswater 2008-03-21 Sunrise Went to a little beach area near the car park for Aira Force and had to take some shots as close to the dividing wall as possible as it was so windy, but the light didn't disappoint and the view was beautiful

Then headed over to the boathouse for a few more shots before heading off
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Cheshire, Dunham Park 2008-02-16 Sunrise A very nice enjoyable morning with loads of frost - so cold Island Pond was frozen, Old Man's Pond had some geese in otherwise I'm sure that would have been frozen too

Took some shots around Island Pond and then went for walk amongst the trees looking for some nice light and shadow combinations. Lastly went over to the Sanctuary building and got some shots with the dawn light bathing the brickwork
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Manchester Chinatown 2008-02-10 Daytime Another great meet with the people from ephotozine

Met up in Albert Square where the parade began and followed it across to Chinatown - the parade was good and there was so many people attending too - it all added to the atmosphere. A very good day out
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Cheshire, Dunham Park 2008-01-14 Sunrise The morning started off really promising, but due to the wind the clouds cover came over very quickly and ruined any pre sunrise colour
The cloud did pass and there had been some flooding along some of the paths on the grass that had frozen over and had created some lovely patterns. The light then broke through and lit up the ice and grasses very nicely
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Derbyshire, Goyt Valley 2008-01-07 Sunrise Hooray - first outing of 2008!

Strange sunrise really. Sunrise was at 8:24 and nothing happened until around 15 minutes later when some lovely colour broke through and a short time after that there was some lovely light breaking through some thick cloud. A great morning overall

Shots were taken from near the car park at Errwood reservoir and from the A5004 just after the turn off to Goyt Valley, with the turn off being on the left
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Cheshire, Dunham Park 2007-12-30 Sunrise The forecast looked great, 40% cloud, chance of frost. Instead there was 100% cloud and no frost. Still lots of autumnal colours from the leaves on the ground though. Would be worth another trip back in the next week or two Site Details
Derbyshire, Goyt Valley 2007-12-15 Sunrise Went to the bottom end of Fernilee reservoir near the car park and shot a few from in and around that area. A nice frosty morning and gorgeous light - but no cloud. Well can't have everything I suppose, lol

A great location though
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Manchester Markets 2007-12-01 Daytime A great meet with members from ephotozine

Started at ST Peter's Square and walked around taking various shots of people going about their business

Headed to Exchange Square where the big wheel is - lots of photo opportunities and a great atmosphere too. Well worth a visit with your camera
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Cheshire, Dunham Park 2007-11-17 Sunrise Metcheck promised some lovely weather that turned out to be 100% cloud - I don't suppose it can be right all of the time! lol

It did look promising, but there's always next week
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Lake District, Ullswater 2007-11-04 Sunrise After Castlerigg we went to Ullswater to get some shots of the light on the boathouse, it was a lovely scene with a thin layer of mist on the lake and some lovely light on the boat house - well worth cramming the two locations in, in the one morning Site Details
Lake District, Castlerigg 2007-11-04 Sunrise Got to the stone circle about 1/2 hour before sunrise (6:45) and there was some mist in the valley and some lovely pre-dawn colour and that lasted for a few minutes. Around 7:40 the sun popped over the hills but with clouds diffusing the light quite a lot. Waited for a bit and took some shots in the diffused light, but the light just wasn't a nice as it could have been - will be going back there Site Details
Yorkshire, Hardcastle Craggs 2007-10-28 Daytime I've been itching to get out with the camera and what a great place to do it. The meet at Hardcastle Craggs was organised to Tony Hanners from ephotozine. This place is so very nice in autumn with the colours and the waterfalls - well worth a visit Site Details
What Digital Camera 2007-10-04 Nov Issue Had a readers portfolio of some of my work published in the November issue of What Digital Camera magazine Site Details
Derbyshire, Stanage Edge 2007-10-01 Sunrise A great morning with some lovely light from sunrise (7:05) and the mist in the valley was the icing on the cake as it really added another piece of interest in the shots. Never been there before, but will certainly be going back there again - well worth a visit Site Details
Digital SLR User 2007-09-20 Oct Issue Had Golden Light published in the October issue of Digital SLR User Site Details
Cheshire, Dunham Park 2007-09-15 Sunrise Went to Island pond for around 06:15 and a few minutes later there was some lovely colour, got some shots of the pond with reflections as the light wasn't high enough yet to shine on the trees etc. Made our way over to the Sanctuary building to try and get the shot with the light on it. Took quite a few from various angles and lighting conditions Site Details
Cheshire, Dunham Park 2007-09-09 Sunrise Light was extremely bad until an hour and a half after sunrise (6:26), the light finally broke through and managed to get a few decent shot of the Sanctuary building that is between the two stile entrances off Charcoal Road. A good result after all Site Details
Cheshire, Dunham Park 2007-09-08 Sunrise Worse light ever - will be going back again tomorrow Site Details
Cheshire, Dunham Park 2007-09-03 Sunset Went to Island Pond as there was some lovely light on the reeds and the trees. Took a 360 degree pano of the pond and path. Went over the stables and there was some lovely light on the stables and the reflections in the pools next to them made for some lovely reflections. Finished the evening off at the main pond as you enter the park via the styal at Charcoal Road. A great evening overall Site Details
Cheshire, Dunham Park 2007-09-02 Sunrise No real light to speak of so went for a walk around the park to try and find some new locations. The area around the abattoir and away from the abattoir with the main wall on your left has some really nice flowers and scenery to capture. Hopefully heading there this coming weekend Site Details
Cheshire, Dunham Park 2007-08-29 Sunset Hung around Old Man's Pond. Some nice colour, but was too late for any decent light as the sun was already behind the trees Site Details
Cheshire, Dunham Park 2007-08-27 Sunset Another jaunt to Dunham. Old Man's pond looks like a good location for sunset light, a bit too cloudy last night to see though. WIll be visiting this part of the park again at sunset Site Details
Cheshire, Dunham Park 2007-08-24 Sunset Went for a drive around the Barn Owl pub near and Lymm and Dunham last night with Mark to look for some good scenes to shoot. Ended up in Dunham Park, Cheshire and was blessed with a great sunset. Shots were taken of the old stables that were bathed in some lovely light and of the hall itself which had a lovely sky as it's back drop. Took some panoramics of the scenes too Site Details
Cheshire, Dunham Park 2007-08-09 Sunset Well it wasn't quite in Dunham Park, but very near by. I was out with Mark last night and we were so lucky as we happened to find a lovely field with some straw bales in whilst the farmers were there baling - so a great scene for some shots. The sunset that we saw was truly beautiful and well worth the trip out. I really played with shooting panoramic shots and some close up's of a straw bale Site Details
Derbyshire, Curbar & Baslow 2007-08-04 Sunrise A great meet at the Curbar Gap car park of ephotozine members at 4:00am. It was really well attended by 18 people And it's a location I haven't visited before, but will definitely be going back to. The weather didn't reveal any sunrise to speak of, but there were moments of great light. A great meet with some great people and it was really nice to put names to faces Site Details
Rhydymwyn Nature Reserve 2007-07-21 Daytime Met up with a few members of ephotozine for a walk around the nature reserve. It used to be a place where mustard gas bombs were made during WW2. There are lots of interesting derelict buildings that have some interesting light/textures/views. Worth a trip if you're in the area Site Details
Derbyshire, Goyt Valley 2007-07-14 Sunset Another cracking sunset. Shots taken from as you turn right towards Goyt Valley from the Whaley Bridge end. Other shots taken over looking Errwood Reservoir looking back towards Fernilee Reservoir Site Details
Derbyshire, Goyt Valley 2007-06-27 Sunset Beautiful light and beautiful colour. Good place is just as you turn right towards Goyt Valley from the Whaley Bridge end Site Details
Cheshire, Lymm, Barn Owl 2007-06-20 Sunset Taken from the field near the junction of Bradshaw Lane and Wet Gate Lane - nice lines in the crops.Looked pretty dull, but there was some amazing light and colour near to sunset as the sun came from under a huge cloud Site Details
Cheshire, Lymm, Barn Owl 2007-06-11 Sunset Taken from the field near the junction of Bradshaw Lane and Wet Gate Lane - nice lines in the crops Site Details
Cheshire, Lymm, Barn Owl 2007-06-06 Sunset Nice fg rocks and view over the fields from the canal bank directly opposite the Barn Own pub. (CROPS ONLY VERY SMALL AT THIS TIME OF YEAR) Site Details
Cheshire, Dunham Park 2007-05-26 Sunrise Took first lot of shots towards the sunrise at Island Pond and then went to Old Man's Pond as the light came up, there are so many photo's to be had here. After the light became too harsh went to the other side of Island Pond to get some front lit shots of the reeds and lillies Site Details
Cheshire, Dunham Park 2007-05-20 Sunrise Back to Island Pond and had a good wonder around the pond taking shots from various points around the pond. As the light came up I moved to Old Man's Pond behind Island Pond and again took various shots from different locations - well worth a wonder Site Details
Cheshire, Dunham 2007-05-19 Sunrise Parked in the Bay Malten pub car park and walked down the canal towards Dunham to look for some new locations. Many fields that will be good to photograph as the crops grow, although quite baron at this time of year Site Details
Cheshire, Dunham Park 2007-05-13 Sunrise Went straight to Island Pond, and took shots looks towards the sunrise. Trees were to 'full' might be better in autumn/winter, as the leaves stopped the warmer light getting to the reeds. That said some lovely colour in the sky Site Details
Lake District, Ullswater 2007-04-08 Sunrise Nice morning although the light didn't deliver. Very nice views over Ullswater though Site Details
Lake District, Keswick 2007-04-07 Sunrise Beautiful sunrise, the weather was great and the lake was very calm. Taken from the beach where the jetties/boats are with the sun rising behind Site Details
Lake District, Haweswater 2007-04-06 Sunset Great sunset, lovely colour and foreground detail and small waterfalls Site Details
Derbyshire, Goyt Valley 2007-03-10 Sunrise Very nice cold morning. Drive between Fernilee Res and Errwood Res, turn left and drive down so that Errwood Res is on the left. Taken at the far end of Errwood Res, opposite the car park Site Details
Derbyshire, Kinder 2007-02-18 Sunrise Great weather. Walked up the cobbled path with the water works down to the right. At the top three paths meet and this shot was taken from there Site Details
Derbyshire, Goyt Valley 2007-02-04 Sunrise Freezing cold morning. Coming from the Whaley Bridge end turn right off Longhill towards Goyt Valley (sign posted), after 1/2 a mile or so there is a small pond with a car park Site Details
Derbyshire, Goyt Valley 2007-02-02 Afternoon A great sunny afternoon. Taken about 30 yards after the turn off from Longhill towards Goyt Valley (sign posted) having come from Whaley Bridge Site Details
Derbyshire, Kinder 2006-12-28 Sunrise Very misty morning, couldn't even see the reservoir Site Details
Cheshire, Lymm Damn 2006-11-04 Sunrise Very nice autumn morning. Image taken from the far corner of the damn, right next to the entrance

Site Details
Cheshire, Quarry Bank Mill 2006-10-31 Afternoon A lovely overcast autumn afternoon. Taken from a small waterfall that leads into the main river Site Details
Cheshire, Red House Farm 2006-08-01 Morning A great place to visit for a fun day out Site Details
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